Yum yum

So this is my last meal with lots of carbs. I’ve decided to try start the ketogenic diet. I’ll go shopping tomorrow and explain some more about it then. 

So this is a lamb steak and a bit of smoked fish on some roasted veg. A bit of feta cheese and some butternut squash fries. The carbs are a little bit of couscous underneath. I have some left which I can have later if I’m still hungry. Or tomorrow morning I guess.

I shall do my shopping and keto explaining tomorrow. 😍😍


Sunday Funday fish and chicken

Okay. So I have some smoked fish which is one of my fave things. And some yummy chicken thighs. ThE fish the other day was nice. But the pork balls kinda sucked 😦
I think I shall make a yummeh chicken rice/cous cous/pasta. Then have with the fish which i will bake with chopped veg :D. Plan? Let’s see πŸ˜€