Drawing another line


Yes, I didn’t post for a few days but I want to be honest about it.

I weighed myself at the weekend and I had still not lost any weight. Now, I know I didn’t stick to it religiously, but I hoped that staying around the right calorie count would have made things okay, but neh!


But Alas, I shall draw a line under this.

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I have also, come to realise that this constantly counting and looking at packets is a bit overwhelming and kind of makes me a bit TOO obsessed- both with making sure I do it right – and also ensuring I feel guilty as hell when I do it wrong.

Therefore, I have decided tooooo….

Dun, dun dunnnnnn,

Go and try slimming world again, now – I didn’t give Keto much of a chance I hear you tutting and complaining.  Well, it’s my life and I’m quite close to my brain, and it and I have a fairly good knowledge of eachother most of the time.  Now the thing with slimming world is that some foods are very much free, as in you can eat as much as you want until you’re full *apparently*.

Sit and gorge on pasta and lean meats all day? I hear you say. Well, I’ll tell you bloody what, I did it a few years back and I lost FIFTY pounds (almost 23KG) – this was in just around 5 months or so, I even lost 14 of those pounds just in the first week.  And you know what, I ate until I was full – I ate WHEN I wanted.

Why did I stop?

Well, like most diets, you get pleased with yourself for doing so well and decide that you deserve a ‘break’ – and before you know it you’ve put all the weight back on.  I guess the trick is to stick with it and if you allow yourself a ‘break’  – that you get back into it straight after.

So, sorry Keto followers – I shall be reverting back to slimming world in the coming days or so.

Love from Jemma ❤


Day eleven – hello energy


I worked at my desk non stop today 830am until 3:15pm, time flew! I never had anything for lunch, but I was a bit naughty and had a hot chocolate from greggs before I came in!

In future i’ll be able to make a more keto friendly hot choc at home and take it to work via my flask!

After work I got the bus home, my god it was warm today – the bus was making me sweat buckets, so I made sure to drink lots of water when I got home, as I’d abandoned it somewhat today, oops!

When I got home I made some chicken breast, just a little as I wanna save some for tomorrow to cook properly, or maybe Thursday.  I added some chorizo and some onions and mushrooms which I added some cream to make it all a bit of a flavoursome sauce surrounded protein rich yummyness!

I also had a bit of peanut butter, which I wanna get some ‘proper’ version of- as I suspect that the Tesco basic one that I’ve been using is possibly not the tastiest!

I’m still a bit ‘off’ plan, as I just need to wait for my housemates to leave the house so I actually have some room in the fridge and freezer, and dont need to worry about cooking what I want, when i bloody want!


Which should be around 2 and a half weeks, praise the lord. Going to be lovely! I have some portion trays that I got from amazon which I shall introduce you to when it comes around to that time, for now I’m just gonna do the best with what I can be bothered with.

Which is what I suspect that most people do sometimes! 🙂


I’ve been so energetic since I got home from work, I’ve cleaned and tidied and done 2 loads of washing! May as well milk it while I can!

For now, farewell,

❤ Jem

Day TEN- cooooous coooous

Yo yo yo,

So well, I had a nice day today – I guess.

The shift at work went nice and fast (was only doing a half day, 9am-1.45pm) – it was lovely having a few hours to go around town n buy a little bit of shopping.

I got some stuffs for dinner tomorrow, mainly chicken.

But for today – for breakfast I had a little plain  cooked chicken with some mayo. Simple, but lovely.

Then when I got home, I had a late lunch/early dinner – which was basically leftovers of yesterdays dinner-Salmon, spinach and mushrooms, I added a little extra cooked chicken to bulk it up! and I also had a little bit of cous cous, I was just gagging for some carbs – and 100g was actually not TOO horrific in carb count so I just went for it.

The weird thing is I felt like I ate loads! But after taking my time to eat that around 4/5pm, I didn’t much feel like having anything else later in the day so I’ve ended up quite low on my calorie count for today, but certainly does not feel like it.

Plus I bloody love my cous cous, so I love that I can fit some, albeit a small amount- into my day!


Ended up with quite a few calories left, but I forgot to add the chicken on there – oops! (maybe another 3/400 calories)

Tomorrow will be a similarly short day at work, but I’ll have less cleaning and tidying and laundry to do when I get home – so I’m looking forward to being able to chill out some!

I’ve just woken up from a nap, at 11:30pm – as you do…. well I do.  So I’ll probably mooch around for a few hours then get back n have a proper sleep before getting up in the morning around…. 7:15am ish.

Ah well, nothing much else to say about today.

So I shall bid you goodnight!

Jem ❤



Day nine – Salmon and CHORIZO!

Yo well,

I really cant be arsed to write much today as I want to go to bed very much, and am finding it hard to resist much longer. SO

Just basically had a big ass dinner today, didn’t have much time for breakfast, then I was pretty occupied at work so I didn’t bother with lunch.

However, crowning glory of a dinner – salmon with chorizo and then I had that with more chorizo and mushrooms and spinach

Here before the oven,


And here is the salmon with the veg and chorizo, oh and a side of hummus!. yumyumwp-1497221699683.

! such yum!!


So I have a half day at work tomorrow, so I am looking forward to coming home and sleeping to be honest. I’m still not sure when I’ll get organised, but I WILL eventually.

Image result for love sleep meme

But for now!!! SLEEP SLEEP OH WONDERFUL zzzzzzzzz

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Day 9 – Sunday 11th


Just a little post I seen today which caught my attention.

Just to extend on what I said yesterday- often the point at which I have experienced failure in previous diet attempts, has been when I’ve failed and then just stopped altogether. 

There is no need to be quite so harsh on ourselves-when we fail​. Getting back on it again is possibly even harder than beginning the first time around.  

So anyways, just trying to give myself a bit of a talking to. Just because I’ve been unorganised and a bit reluctant to cook while others are in the house. I can and I will start again properly, but in the mean time I’m just trying my best to stay on track with the things I choose.

I’m really tired today again – perhaps the reintroduction of carbs or perhaps the lack of sleep this past week. I fully intend on going for one of my usual naps when I get home from work. Although my usual elation at it being the end of a work day on a Sunday – is reduced with me now working week days. 

Although, I’m only having a ‘half day’ at the office tomorrow so don’t have to quite worry so much as I can get through that okay! Cause annoyingly for me I love a good long sleep but I also love being able to stay up late. 😆😇

Okay I’m blabbing, I’m currently sat in staff room watching Sunday brunch. I really really want some chorizo now! And holy shit balls-i just looked it up. And hardly any carbs,! Yay for chorizo.

Okay that’s cheered me up, I’ll get back to watching this show for some inspiration!

I’ll check in again later ooooon.

Ciao 4 now


Day 8 – Grumpy pants


I’m feeling proper grumpy today.

Image result for grumpy puffer fish

I know we all have our moments, but I am usually able to deal extremely well!  Work was actually okay, although I forgot to take my fob for clocking in and had to go up to the office to let them know I was there. But that was okai.

Food wise, I had a little stop off at Tesco on the way into work and grabbed some corned beef- its not really something I’ve had much time for before, but oh my ! It’s bloody yummy! – I’ll be having more often, it has no carbs and this particular pack of 4 slices had 13g of fat and 33g of protein, YUM YUM.

I also was extremely tired, which is only going to get worse (who thought it was a good idea to work 9 days in a row, then 1 day off then work 7 more? – yeah me, we’ll see just how bloody grumpy I am by the weekend I’ll have off after that, eh!) anyways – energy drinks only had trace amounts of carbs and gave me my energy drink fix!

I forgot to mention I was so hungry after leaving the house that I had the 7 slices of turkey breast,- that I intended for my lunch – on the bus. But they were lovely, and again very low carb.

For lunch, I had a salad and caesar sauce all ready to go, but I just didn’t feel like it so I never bothered – I just had a few table spoons of peanut butter instead!! Which was also bloody delicious, and had lots of fat and protein, and so-so carbs.

Now coming home, I managed to get the earlier bus home (which leaves the bus station at 7 minutes past the hour, and I only get it if it’s slightly delayed as I usually get there about 8 min past) so that was nice.

ALTHOUGH some guy had the absolutely cheek to bring a burger king meal onto the bus and he happened to be sitting near me so I spent most of the journey trying not to jump him to eat his fries which were wafting out a delicious smell.

Getting home I felt extremely grumpy and needed a bloody nap so I had one.  And here I am, I cannot be bothered cooking – and cannot be bothered being around housemates who might want to start a conversation (open plan living is worst decision ever if you are sharing, GET A SEPARATE KITCHEN FOLKS).

SO here I am, supper time, woken up after my nap even grumpier and my stupid shoulder pain is more severe than it has been in a few days so i’m feeling sorry for myself and I am going to get a kebab – now.

YES it’s going to put my carbs up, but actually the fat and protein count is quite good (guess work as you cannot get accurate values from takeaway places)- so not all is lost.

And I think we’re pretty clear that my diet is sucking ass until I get a shop in and make some preparation and organisation for some lunches and dinners during the week!

Calories : probs around 2300 ish

Carbs: maaaaybe between 50-100g

fat: around 120g

protein: around 130g

I believe that failure is the biggest thing to accept when doing a diet, we WILL MAKE MISTAKES, but you cannot just call it a fail and give up – just have your failures and accept them as we are only human.  THEN we must find the will to try again.!  So yeah, bit of a fail today, but the calories aint TOO bad and so it’ll be okay. ALL WILL BE OKAY, we just have to draw a line under things and move on.

Image result for draw a line

There we go!

Anyways, sorry to be such a negative Nancy, but we all have our shitty days – yes?

Good, glad we’re on the same page.

Hopefully tomorrow will be less sucky,

Love from Jem