End of Day one

I Survived!!, I managed to stay under the carb limit (ish), but it’s the first day so i’ll learn and improve as I go.



3 x Babybells

1 x pot of spinach and 2 eggs

Fat = 19.5g

Protein = 15g

Carbs = 2.7g


6 slices of German salami

3 x babybells

Fat = 30g

Protein = 25.9g

Carbs = 0.6g


An iced coffee with some double cream in it

half carton of coconut alpro drink


Fat =35g

Protein =2g

Carbs =24g


Mushrooms, onions and pork belly!



Carbs= 8g


Fat = 189.5g

Protein= 120g

Carbs= 36g 

Calories= 2336, which is right on target, calorie wise – even though the protein is higher and the fat lower… the calories balance out which hopefully will be okay!

Now a lot of these are rough estimates as I need to work out the nutritional value of some of the veg.  But HOPEFULLY it’s been a good day!  I’ll test my ketones tomorrow to see if I’ve managed to enter ketosis (test is just to pee on a stick and see what the colour comes up as and compare it to the pack).

Now, my first regret today is that coconut milk drink, as nice as it was – I soon realised that the carb content was quite horrific and used half my daily goal! Oops!

Now, I love meat, love love love love love!! But, I found that I used a lot of protein between breakfast and lunch – so I think I’ll aim to have less in earlier parts of the day and keep for for a nice meaty dish later on (Or to make sure I at least have a nice tasty meaty lunch!)

I also got a bit carried away with my iced coffee and poured far too much cream into it, in future i’ll make sure to just put a tiny bit in- so I can enjoy the nice ice coldness without feeling guilty about the fat content!

All in all, I feel pleased to have completed day one under 40g of carbs, I feel the same as ever- I’m hoping to feel more energetic once I really get going. We shall see!

I also went shopping in Aldi after work, I found it absolutely crazy how many carbs are in almost EVERYTHING!!! It’s really hard to find carb free food – even most veg is quite carby, I’ll have to get used to eating more dark green veg I think, things like broccoli, kale, spinach etc.

I bought some random meat products and creams and butter etc. We shall see how I used them over the coming days :).

I will update again tomorrow.

ciao for now! ❤

Jemma x





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