Day 1- Weekend is here


It’s currently half 6 in the morning. Why I am up at this ungodly hour?  Well work of course, I currently work weekends 7 till 2. Soon to change but I’ll discuss that whén the time comes!

I’ve decided today is THE day. I haven’t had the chance (or couldn’t yet be arsed) to go get a proper shop yet. But I have however nipped to Tesco express on my way to work. It’s amazing how many things have so many carbs in them why you look at all the labels.

I never thought I’d be one of those annoying people studying every label, but alas- here I am after 10 min browsing around Tesco for some food suitable for a keto breakfast and lunch.

I was hoping for strawberries seeing as it’s the season for them to be at their best. I love strawberries, my grandparents had a huge garden full of different fruit and veg and they had an abundance of strawberries that I’ve never quite been able to match the deliciousness of since.  Sadly, Tesco were out of them and I had to settle for a pot of spinach and eggs. I also got a pack of salami, some babybels and a litre of coconut milk.

I’m not quite sure how I envisioned meals out of this, I guess I’ll have the spinach, egg and few babybells for breakfast and then the salami and few babybells for lunch. It’s all keto ish and I’ll make a table when I get home (and most likely after a nap-shitty nights 😴 ) to summarise what I’ve eaten. N see how much macros I have left for dinner!

I realised that I can have one of my most favourite things on this keto diet…. iced Coffee.  Not just any iced coffee but with double cream or even coconut cream!! GET ME A BLENDER.

This alone has given me the will to go shopping after work and get some coconut cream and double cream along with some ice cubes. Then I can blend away and make the most delicious iced coffee. I’ll be sure to record how I do it later.

Anyways. I’d better crack on and eat this breakfast eh?

Bye for now!

❤ Jemma


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