Day 4! 

Helló! 👋 

Today has been an extremely simple day as I felt sorry for myself with my painful shoulder and had to lay down to relieve the pain which meant I had rather a lot of sleep time!  Oops! 

I had the most amazing lunch. Loads of chipolata sausages, creamed mushrooms and onions and I added some fried eggs for good measure :).

I never had breakfast so it was a big brunch. It came in at 1900 calories  (yikes). 20g of carbs. 145g of fat. 93g of protein.

I then had my extended nap for most of the rest of the day – so cloud bread will have to wait for now.

For dinner I’ve just roasted some onions and butternut squash, which admittedly isn’t the most low carb food. I also added a few fried eggs again as I don’t have any meat left! Oh and lots of mayo of course.
This came in at around 420 calories. 30g of carb, 8g fat.  27g of protein. 

All in all I’m about on track for the days macros. Except I’m possibly a bit close on the upper carb limit. Buy I was quite low carb yesterday so I’m hoping it’ll be oka!  

Total for the day

Calories 2300 ish /2400 goal

Carbs 55 ish oops!/30 ish goal

Fat 153g/187 goal

Protein 120/150ish goal

I have slipped up a little with my ratios there, but a new day and a new challenge! 

Tomorrow I start my new job! 9 til 5. I was a bit unprepared today and so I will have to wing it a bit on my lunch. I’m hoping to get the chance to nip to Tesco on my break in order to grab something.

In future I’m going to plan my lunches and make sure they’re awesome!

But for now, good night! 


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