Day 6, Bus trouble

Hello :),

Yes, that’s a bus.  I got home about an hour later than intended today as I very stupidly managed to get on the wrong bus.  Worst of it is, as the bus swooped on past the turnoff it usually takes – there sits me totally oblivious.  Took about a further five miles before i even noticed and wondered where in hell I was at.  I quickly looked up on my maps app and tried to workout the best place to get off the bus so that I could get home quickest.  Luckily there was a direct bus not too far away – but was still a big faff. HOPEFULLY lesson learned.  At least it made me giggle and not cry – so could have been worse.

Now, food wise – I managed to eat a block of cheese and a Greek yogurt for breakfast (369 calories), even if it did take me about 2 hours of taking bites in between doing some work.

I also had an amazingly yummy lunch again – another m and s salad and some more of the coconut chicken! I managed to remember to take a photo today before I ate it all too!

It made for a pretty low calorie lunch! And decently low carbs.


Anyways, after my awkward trip home I haven’t the energy to cook much so I’m just gonna have something quick and easy! Some salmon baked and some mushrooms fried in some butter, with some cream added – makes a lovely sauce!

Now, I also got up at 6:30am today, so I could go vote before leaving for work – which may be a reason why I got so brain dead by 5:30 pm.

Today’s Macros were around

Calories 2000/2400 (Although I may get hungry later!)

Fat 133g/187g ish

Carbs 34g

Protein 133/150 ish

Again I know I’m kinda sucking a bit on all this and I’ll have to step it up next week after some time off, which I must remember to organise tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll then be able to actually use my new bento box for taking packed lunches to work.

I shall be sure to get a good nights sleep tonight, so I can wake up to see who shall be running the country for the next 4 years! And hopefully I shall manage to get the correct bus home tomorrow – stay tuned to find out.

Image result for cheesy grin

❤ love from Jemma



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