Day five –

Helooo there,

Today was very busy, first day at a new job- seemed to go great! 

Just before I started work I had 30 min to spare, so I popped to Marks and Spencer’s for some breakfast and lunch hunting.  I got some bits of cheese, some coconut chicken (pictured below) which was surprisingly low in carbs!



Naturally being M&S it came to an extortionate amount which made me annoyed I am so unorganised 😦 .

I also got a salad with orzo pasta, red pepper and feta cheese – which was also only 13g carbs, it was delicious and worth using up the carbs for!!

I didn’t really have breakfast so the lunch which wasn’t until around 2:30pm was well enjoyed! I actually never even started feeling hungry until around 2pm, odd!

For dinner I just had some chicken again which did put me a bit too high on protein, and not so much on fat – but the calories for today were under- mainly due to me skipping breakfast!

I drank a few litres of water throughout the day too, which is important!

I have a Greek yogurt and a salad and the coconut chicken again for tomorrow, and I’ll be sure to make a few coffees throughout the day as well!

That kinda counts as organised?!

Today’s Macros were

Calories 2148/2400

Carbs 40g

Fat 141g

Protein 178g

I still need to get the hang of these macros, I think the key will actually being organised!! Something which I’ve just failed to do so far, next time I have a few days off I will TRY to do some meal  planning and get more organised!!

I know I’m being shameful so far, ORGANISATION is my goal for next week.

For now, I shall bid you good night, I have to be up early to go vote before I go to work!! Our general election is tomorrow, so quite an important one.

Good night for now!

Jem ❀ xx


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