Day 6 I MEAN DAY SEVEN- Deep breath and confessions

I even failed at the title, DAY SEVEN I MEAN not six, i had to go back and edit it, sigh.

Okay I’m sorry, I got coffee this morning at Costa and the man asked me if I wanted a bacon roll for Ā£1 with it and I meant to say “no” – but I accidentally said “That sounds amazing, yes please”

Image result for costa bacon roll

I ate it at my desk when I got into work and I enjoyed it, I didn’t have any sauce…. if that counts for something.

Nutritional Summary:

There are 367 calories in a 1 roll serving of Costa Coffee Bacon Roll.



Now, I’m not gonna let myself feel TOO bad, cause I got that into my work and time was flying by so much that I totally missed my lunch break! So yeah, I’ve forgiven myself.

Although missing meals is not good either, God I’m such a bad dieter.

Dinner was just something quick as I was so tired and wanted to chill out (because I’m also working tomorrow) and….

Capture.PNGMakes me sad seeing this, but it’s only for 2 more weekends! Then I’ll only be working Mon-Fri 9-5, which will make things more routine I guess.

Okay what was I saying, ah yes dinner – I just could not be arsed to do anything so I had the sliced meat I was going to have for lunch!

So a pretty low fat, high carb day- bit of a fail. But we cant be perfect all the time – and this is a work in progress after all!!

So yeah I sucked today, but at least I know it. I’ll see if I have by some miracle managed to lose any weight tomorrow, when I go to work. I’ve likely came out of ketosis with my carb overloads lately.

I’m working half days Monday and Tuesday so I’ll TRY find the will to get organised – hopefully the house will be empty so I can do some food prep in peace (I don’t like people bothering me- yes I have weird anxiety issues – story for another time).

But for now, sleep ..

Image result for good night funny

Jemma xx ā¤




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