Day 9 – Sunday 11th


Just a little post I seen today which caught my attention.

Just to extend on what I said yesterday- often the point at which I have experienced failure in previous diet attempts, has been when I’ve failed and then just stopped altogether. 

There is no need to be quite so harsh on ourselves-when we fail​. Getting back on it again is possibly even harder than beginning the first time around.  

So anyways, just trying to give myself a bit of a talking to. Just because I’ve been unorganised and a bit reluctant to cook while others are in the house. I can and I will start again properly, but in the mean time I’m just trying my best to stay on track with the things I choose.

I’m really tired today again – perhaps the reintroduction of carbs or perhaps the lack of sleep this past week. I fully intend on going for one of my usual naps when I get home from work. Although my usual elation at it being the end of a work day on a Sunday – is reduced with me now working week days. 

Although, I’m only having a ‘half day’ at the office tomorrow so don’t have to quite worry so much as I can get through that okay! Cause annoyingly for me I love a good long sleep but I also love being able to stay up late. 😆😇

Okay I’m blabbing, I’m currently sat in staff room watching Sunday brunch. I really really want some chorizo now! And holy shit balls-i just looked it up. And hardly any carbs,! Yay for chorizo.

Okay that’s cheered me up, I’ll get back to watching this show for some inspiration!

I’ll check in again later ooooon.

Ciao 4 now



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