Day nine – Salmon and CHORIZO!

Yo well,

I really cant be arsed to write much today as I want to go to bed very much, and am finding it hard to resist much longer. SO

Just basically had a big ass dinner today, didn’t have much time for breakfast, then I was pretty occupied at work so I didn’t bother with lunch.

However, crowning glory of a dinner – salmon with chorizo and then I had that with more chorizo and mushrooms and spinach

Here before the oven,


And here is the salmon with the veg and chorizo, oh and a side of hummus!. yumyumwp-1497221699683.

! such yum!!


So I have a half day at work tomorrow, so I am looking forward to coming home and sleeping to be honest. I’m still not sure when I’ll get organised, but I WILL eventually.

Image result for love sleep meme

But for now!!! SLEEP SLEEP OH WONDERFUL zzzzzzzzz

Image result for love sleep meme






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