Day TEN- cooooous coooous

Yo yo yo,

So well, I had a nice day today – I guess.

The shift at work went nice and fast (was only doing a half day, 9am-1.45pm) – it was lovely having a few hours to go around town n buy a little bit of shopping.

I got some stuffs for dinner tomorrow, mainly chicken.

But for today – for breakfast I had a little plain  cooked chicken with some mayo. Simple, but lovely.

Then when I got home, I had a late lunch/early dinner – which was basically leftovers of yesterdays dinner-Salmon, spinach and mushrooms, I added a little extra cooked chicken to bulk it up! and I also had a little bit of cous cous, I was just gagging for some carbs – and 100g was actually not TOO horrific in carb count so I just went for it.

The weird thing is I felt like I ate loads! But after taking my time to eat that around 4/5pm, I didn’t much feel like having anything else later in the day so I’ve ended up quite low on my calorie count for today, but certainly does not feel like it.

Plus I bloody love my cous cous, so I love that I can fit some, albeit a small amount- into my day!


Ended up with quite a few calories left, but I forgot to add the chicken on there – oops! (maybe another 3/400 calories)

Tomorrow will be a similarly short day at work, but I’ll have less cleaning and tidying and laundry to do when I get home – so I’m looking forward to being able to chill out some!

I’ve just woken up from a nap, at 11:30pm – as you do…. well I do.  So I’ll probably mooch around for a few hours then get back n have a proper sleep before getting up in the morning around…. 7:15am ish.

Ah well, nothing much else to say about today.

So I shall bid you goodnight!

Jem ❤




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