Day eleven – hello energy


I worked at my desk non stop today 830am until 3:15pm, time flew! I never had anything for lunch, but I was a bit naughty and had a hot chocolate from greggs before I came in!

In future i’ll be able to make a more keto friendly hot choc at home and take it to work via my flask!

After work I got the bus home, my god it was warm today – the bus was making me sweat buckets, so I made sure to drink lots of water when I got home, as I’d abandoned it somewhat today, oops!

When I got home I made some chicken breast, just a little as I wanna save some for tomorrow to cook properly, or maybe Thursday.  I added some chorizo and some onions and mushrooms which I added some cream to make it all a bit of a flavoursome sauce surrounded protein rich yummyness!

I also had a bit of peanut butter, which I wanna get some ‘proper’ version of- as I suspect that the Tesco basic one that I’ve been using is possibly not the tastiest!

I’m still a bit ‘off’ plan, as I just need to wait for my housemates to leave the house so I actually have some room in the fridge and freezer, and dont need to worry about cooking what I want, when i bloody want!


Which should be around 2 and a half weeks, praise the lord. Going to be lovely! I have some portion trays that I got from amazon which I shall introduce you to when it comes around to that time, for now I’m just gonna do the best with what I can be bothered with.

Which is what I suspect that most people do sometimes! 🙂


I’ve been so energetic since I got home from work, I’ve cleaned and tidied and done 2 loads of washing! May as well milk it while I can!

For now, farewell,

❤ Jem


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