Drawing another line


Yes, I didn’t post for a few days but I want to be honest about it.

I weighed myself at the weekend and I had still not lost any weight. Now, I know I didn’t stick to it religiously, but I hoped that staying around the right calorie count would have made things okay, but neh!


But Alas, I shall draw a line under this.

Image result for draw a line

I have also, come to realise that this constantly counting and looking at packets is a bit overwhelming and kind of makes me a bit TOO obsessed- both with making sure I do it right – and also ensuring I feel guilty as hell when I do it wrong.

Therefore, I have decided tooooo….

Dun, dun dunnnnnn,

Go and try slimming world again, now – I didn’t give Keto much of a chance I hear you tutting and complaining.  Well, it’s my life and I’m quite close to my brain, and it and I have a fairly good knowledge of eachother most of the time.  Now the thing with slimming world is that some foods are very much free, as in you can eat as much as you want until you’re full *apparently*.

Sit and gorge on pasta and lean meats all day? I hear you say. Well, I’ll tell you bloody what, I did it a few years back and I lost FIFTY pounds (almost 23KG) – this was in just around 5 months or so, I even lost 14 of those pounds just in the first week.  And you know what, I ate until I was full – I ate WHEN I wanted.

Why did I stop?

Well, like most diets, you get pleased with yourself for doing so well and decide that you deserve a ‘break’ – and before you know it you’ve put all the weight back on.  I guess the trick is to stick with it and if you allow yourself a ‘break’  – that you get back into it straight after.

So, sorry Keto followers – I shall be reverting back to slimming world in the coming days or so.

Love from Jemma ❤


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