Day 2- Burger and salad! And naps <3


I’d like to introduce you to something amazing.

I’m just going to leave it here for a moment.


Dark green salad, home-made burgers, Double Gloucester cheese, bacon and mayo.

Sorry, here is another one, just in case you missed the first one.


Okayyyyy, so……… BEST MEAL EVER.  We shall talk about it in a bit.



For breakfast I had a little bit of leftover pork belly and mushrooms from last nights dinner and I mixed it with eggs and microwaved it into an omelette concoction at work. It kept me full until around 11 or so, but I didn’t want to have anything heavy, as I knew I wanted a huge dinner, so I wanted a bulletproof coffee…….

Bulletproof coffee is described in several ways on different sites, I understand it to be a coffee mixed with grass fed butter and oil.  Preferably blended into a nice frothy consistency.

The oil can be coconut oil or an oil which contains a higher (C8) Caprylic acid per Tablespoon than Coconut oil.  Such as THIS one here on Amazon, it’s not cheap- but the claims it makes in regards to several factors, be it mental performance, weight loss etc are worth a read up on.


One of many pages that discuss MCT oil.


However, I couldn’t find any coffee in the staff room so I had a tea with butter instead.It was a bit of a ninja move casually dropping a portion of butter into a cup of tea, I didn’t want to draw attention to it and have my nurse colleagues think I’m more crazy than they probably already do! But I managed and it was very nice!! I also had a tiny bit of cheese!

That kept me full for the afternoon.


My boyfriend had been for a lovely burger yesterday and haven tried said burger store before, I knew how amazing they are- my jealousy made me crave a good burger. So I decided that for tea I would make some of my own!

I went to Marks and Spencer after work with the intention of getting cream of tatar for a low carb bread recipe (I’ll share it when I get around to it) and well, as usual, I got a bit carried away.

There was some nice prepared salads reduced so I grabbed some, and some cheese!

After the mistakes of yesterdays carb overload on the coconut milk I tried to avoid today.

I got home and had a 2 hour nap, then got up and decided it should be a 4 hour nap instead…. nothing new there, I ❤ naps.

Now, this supper was delish! I added some seasoning to some 23% fat beef mince and moulded it into some burgers, I put a little block of cheese inside them for good measure too.

I had 2 of the burgers (leaving 2 for lunch or dinner tomorrow), with salad, cheese, bacon, and mayonnaise.

Bloody delicious, and i’m full now!



Fat = 46.9











Calories= 2735

Now, I was prob about 400 calories over my target for the day, but I had walked over 10,000 steps – some of which was up a big ass hill, so I’m gonna allow myself to say that’s okay for today.  The carbs were WELL below target so it wont stop me being in ketosis (as far as i’m aware).

I’ll try and keep the calorie count better tomorrow! Getting there!!

❤ Love Jem




End of Day one

I Survived!!, I managed to stay under the carb limit (ish), but it’s the first day so i’ll learn and improve as I go.



3 x Babybells

1 x pot of spinach and 2 eggs

Fat = 19.5g

Protein = 15g

Carbs = 2.7g


6 slices of German salami

3 x babybells

Fat = 30g

Protein = 25.9g

Carbs = 0.6g


An iced coffee with some double cream in it

half carton of coconut alpro drink


Fat =35g

Protein =2g

Carbs =24g


Mushrooms, onions and pork belly!



Carbs= 8g


Fat = 189.5g

Protein= 120g

Carbs= 36g 

Calories= 2336, which is right on target, calorie wise – even though the protein is higher and the fat lower… the calories balance out which hopefully will be okay!

Now a lot of these are rough estimates as I need to work out the nutritional value of some of the veg.  But HOPEFULLY it’s been a good day!  I’ll test my ketones tomorrow to see if I’ve managed to enter ketosis (test is just to pee on a stick and see what the colour comes up as and compare it to the pack).

Now, my first regret today is that coconut milk drink, as nice as it was – I soon realised that the carb content was quite horrific and used half my daily goal! Oops!

Now, I love meat, love love love love love!! But, I found that I used a lot of protein between breakfast and lunch – so I think I’ll aim to have less in earlier parts of the day and keep for for a nice meaty dish later on (Or to make sure I at least have a nice tasty meaty lunch!)

I also got a bit carried away with my iced coffee and poured far too much cream into it, in future i’ll make sure to just put a tiny bit in- so I can enjoy the nice ice coldness without feeling guilty about the fat content!

All in all, I feel pleased to have completed day one under 40g of carbs, I feel the same as ever- I’m hoping to feel more energetic once I really get going. We shall see!

I also went shopping in Aldi after work, I found it absolutely crazy how many carbs are in almost EVERYTHING!!! It’s really hard to find carb free food – even most veg is quite carby, I’ll have to get used to eating more dark green veg I think, things like broccoli, kale, spinach etc.

I bought some random meat products and creams and butter etc. We shall see how I used them over the coming days :).

I will update again tomorrow.

ciao for now! ❤

Jemma x