Day nine – Salmon and CHORIZO!

Yo well,

I really cant be arsed to write much today as I want to go to bed very much, and am finding it hard to resist much longer. SO

Just basically had a big ass dinner today, didn’t have much time for breakfast, then I was pretty occupied at work so I didn’t bother with lunch.

However, crowning glory of a dinner – salmon with chorizo and then I had that with more chorizo and mushrooms and spinach

Here before the oven,


And here is the salmon with the veg and chorizo, oh and a side of hummus!. yumyumwp-1497221699683.

! such yum!!


So I have a half day at work tomorrow, so I am looking forward to coming home and sleeping to be honest. I’m still not sure when I’ll get organised, but I WILL eventually.

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But for now!!! SLEEP SLEEP OH WONDERFUL zzzzzzzzz

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Day 8 – Grumpy pants


I’m feeling proper grumpy today.

Image result for grumpy puffer fish

I know we all have our moments, but I am usually able to deal extremely well!  Work was actually okay, although I forgot to take my fob for clocking in and had to go up to the office to let them know I was there. But that was okai.

Food wise, I had a little stop off at Tesco on the way into work and grabbed some corned beef- its not really something I’ve had much time for before, but oh my ! It’s bloody yummy! – I’ll be having more often, it has no carbs and this particular pack of 4 slices had 13g of fat and 33g of protein, YUM YUM.

I also was extremely tired, which is only going to get worse (who thought it was a good idea to work 9 days in a row, then 1 day off then work 7 more? – yeah me, we’ll see just how bloody grumpy I am by the weekend I’ll have off after that, eh!) anyways – energy drinks only had trace amounts of carbs and gave me my energy drink fix!

I forgot to mention I was so hungry after leaving the house that I had the 7 slices of turkey breast,- that I intended for my lunch – on the bus. But they were lovely, and again very low carb.

For lunch, I had a salad and caesar sauce all ready to go, but I just didn’t feel like it so I never bothered – I just had a few table spoons of peanut butter instead!! Which was also bloody delicious, and had lots of fat and protein, and so-so carbs.

Now coming home, I managed to get the earlier bus home (which leaves the bus station at 7 minutes past the hour, and I only get it if it’s slightly delayed as I usually get there about 8 min past) so that was nice.

ALTHOUGH some guy had the absolutely cheek to bring a burger king meal onto the bus and he happened to be sitting near me so I spent most of the journey trying not to jump him to eat his fries which were wafting out a delicious smell.

Getting home I felt extremely grumpy and needed a bloody nap so I had one.  And here I am, I cannot be bothered cooking – and cannot be bothered being around housemates who might want to start a conversation (open plan living is worst decision ever if you are sharing, GET A SEPARATE KITCHEN FOLKS).

SO here I am, supper time, woken up after my nap even grumpier and my stupid shoulder pain is more severe than it has been in a few days so i’m feeling sorry for myself and I am going to get a kebab – now.

YES it’s going to put my carbs up, but actually the fat and protein count is quite good (guess work as you cannot get accurate values from takeaway places)- so not all is lost.

And I think we’re pretty clear that my diet is sucking ass until I get a shop in and make some preparation and organisation for some lunches and dinners during the week!

Calories : probs around 2300 ish

Carbs: maaaaybe between 50-100g

fat: around 120g

protein: around 130g

I believe that failure is the biggest thing to accept when doing a diet, we WILL MAKE MISTAKES, but you cannot just call it a fail and give up – just have your failures and accept them as we are only human.  THEN we must find the will to try again.!  So yeah, bit of a fail today, but the calories aint TOO bad and so it’ll be okay. ALL WILL BE OKAY, we just have to draw a line under things and move on.

Image result for draw a line

There we go!

Anyways, sorry to be such a negative Nancy, but we all have our shitty days – yes?

Good, glad we’re on the same page.

Hopefully tomorrow will be less sucky,

Love from Jem


Day 6 I MEAN DAY SEVEN- Deep breath and confessions

I even failed at the title, DAY SEVEN I MEAN not six, i had to go back and edit it, sigh.

Okay I’m sorry, I got coffee this morning at Costa and the man asked me if I wanted a bacon roll for £1 with it and I meant to say “no” – but I accidentally said “That sounds amazing, yes please”

Image result for costa bacon roll

I ate it at my desk when I got into work and I enjoyed it, I didn’t have any sauce…. if that counts for something.

Nutritional Summary:

There are 367 calories in a 1 roll serving of Costa Coffee Bacon Roll.



Now, I’m not gonna let myself feel TOO bad, cause I got that into my work and time was flying by so much that I totally missed my lunch break! So yeah, I’ve forgiven myself.

Although missing meals is not good either, God I’m such a bad dieter.

Dinner was just something quick as I was so tired and wanted to chill out (because I’m also working tomorrow) and….

Capture.PNGMakes me sad seeing this, but it’s only for 2 more weekends! Then I’ll only be working Mon-Fri 9-5, which will make things more routine I guess.

Okay what was I saying, ah yes dinner – I just could not be arsed to do anything so I had the sliced meat I was going to have for lunch!

So a pretty low fat, high carb day- bit of a fail. But we cant be perfect all the time – and this is a work in progress after all!!

So yeah I sucked today, but at least I know it. I’ll see if I have by some miracle managed to lose any weight tomorrow, when I go to work. I’ve likely came out of ketosis with my carb overloads lately.

I’m working half days Monday and Tuesday so I’ll TRY find the will to get organised – hopefully the house will be empty so I can do some food prep in peace (I don’t like people bothering me- yes I have weird anxiety issues – story for another time).

But for now, sleep ..

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Jemma xx ❤



Day 6, Bus trouble

Hello :),

Yes, that’s a bus.  I got home about an hour later than intended today as I very stupidly managed to get on the wrong bus.  Worst of it is, as the bus swooped on past the turnoff it usually takes – there sits me totally oblivious.  Took about a further five miles before i even noticed and wondered where in hell I was at.  I quickly looked up on my maps app and tried to workout the best place to get off the bus so that I could get home quickest.  Luckily there was a direct bus not too far away – but was still a big faff. HOPEFULLY lesson learned.  At least it made me giggle and not cry – so could have been worse.

Now, food wise – I managed to eat a block of cheese and a Greek yogurt for breakfast (369 calories), even if it did take me about 2 hours of taking bites in between doing some work.

I also had an amazingly yummy lunch again – another m and s salad and some more of the coconut chicken! I managed to remember to take a photo today before I ate it all too!

It made for a pretty low calorie lunch! And decently low carbs.


Anyways, after my awkward trip home I haven’t the energy to cook much so I’m just gonna have something quick and easy! Some salmon baked and some mushrooms fried in some butter, with some cream added – makes a lovely sauce!

Now, I also got up at 6:30am today, so I could go vote before leaving for work – which may be a reason why I got so brain dead by 5:30 pm.

Today’s Macros were around

Calories 2000/2400 (Although I may get hungry later!)

Fat 133g/187g ish

Carbs 34g

Protein 133/150 ish

Again I know I’m kinda sucking a bit on all this and I’ll have to step it up next week after some time off, which I must remember to organise tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll then be able to actually use my new bento box for taking packed lunches to work.

I shall be sure to get a good nights sleep tonight, so I can wake up to see who shall be running the country for the next 4 years! And hopefully I shall manage to get the correct bus home tomorrow – stay tuned to find out.

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❤ love from Jemma


Day five –

Helooo there,

Today was very busy, first day at a new job- seemed to go great! 

Just before I started work I had 30 min to spare, so I popped to Marks and Spencer’s for some breakfast and lunch hunting.  I got some bits of cheese, some coconut chicken (pictured below) which was surprisingly low in carbs!



Naturally being M&S it came to an extortionate amount which made me annoyed I am so unorganised 😦 .

I also got a salad with orzo pasta, red pepper and feta cheese – which was also only 13g carbs, it was delicious and worth using up the carbs for!!

I didn’t really have breakfast so the lunch which wasn’t until around 2:30pm was well enjoyed! I actually never even started feeling hungry until around 2pm, odd!

For dinner I just had some chicken again which did put me a bit too high on protein, and not so much on fat – but the calories for today were under- mainly due to me skipping breakfast!

I drank a few litres of water throughout the day too, which is important!

I have a Greek yogurt and a salad and the coconut chicken again for tomorrow, and I’ll be sure to make a few coffees throughout the day as well!

That kinda counts as organised?!

Today’s Macros were

Calories 2148/2400

Carbs 40g

Fat 141g

Protein 178g

I still need to get the hang of these macros, I think the key will actually being organised!! Something which I’ve just failed to do so far, next time I have a few days off I will TRY to do some meal  planning and get more organised!!

I know I’m being shameful so far, ORGANISATION is my goal for next week.

For now, I shall bid you good night, I have to be up early to go vote before I go to work!! Our general election is tomorrow, so quite an important one.

Good night for now!

Jem ❤ xx

Day 4! 

Helló! 👋 

Today has been an extremely simple day as I felt sorry for myself with my painful shoulder and had to lay down to relieve the pain which meant I had rather a lot of sleep time!  Oops! 

I had the most amazing lunch. Loads of chipolata sausages, creamed mushrooms and onions and I added some fried eggs for good measure :).

I never had breakfast so it was a big brunch. It came in at 1900 calories  (yikes). 20g of carbs. 145g of fat. 93g of protein.

I then had my extended nap for most of the rest of the day – so cloud bread will have to wait for now.

For dinner I’ve just roasted some onions and butternut squash, which admittedly isn’t the most low carb food. I also added a few fried eggs again as I don’t have any meat left! Oh and lots of mayo of course.
This came in at around 420 calories. 30g of carb, 8g fat.  27g of protein. 

All in all I’m about on track for the days macros. Except I’m possibly a bit close on the upper carb limit. Buy I was quite low carb yesterday so I’m hoping it’ll be oka!  

Total for the day

Calories 2300 ish /2400 goal

Carbs 55 ish oops!/30 ish goal

Fat 153g/187 goal

Protein 120/150ish goal

I have slipped up a little with my ratios there, but a new day and a new challenge! 

Tomorrow I start my new job! 9 til 5. I was a bit unprepared today and so I will have to wing it a bit on my lunch. I’m hoping to get the chance to nip to Tesco on my break in order to grab something.

In future I’m going to plan my lunches and make sure they’re awesome!

But for now, good night! 

Odd drinks-welcome to day 3!

Good morn… I mean good afternoon! Just wanted to share an odd drink I just tried.

  1. 1 egg
  2. 1 teaspoon of cocoa
  3. 1 teaspoon of matcha green tea
  4. 120 ml of boiling water
  5. 8 Mil of mct oil (still getting used to it) small quantity at first saves niagra falls coming out your butt.

Then I blended it and added a teaspoon if sweetner.

I’m surprised at the consistency, it’s very thick and yummy! Perhaps next time I’ll add some cream as well!

Macros for it were quite low too 🙂

What do you think??? Its quite filling for only a small amount of macros!  (Totally having that leftover burgers soon still tho)